As resident of Katwike you could enlist for support by the local food bank. You qualify when the monthly net income of your family is less than €135, plus €95 for every family member living at the same address, regardless of their age.

This so-called net income is determined by deducting all fixed costs from the overall monthly family income. You subtract rent, insurance, gas, electricity and water from your gross income.

All food banks within The Netherlands apply nationally harmonised rules and controls. Our food bank guarantees full anonymity and care in dealing with your application. Fill out below online registration or feel free to call 071 20 525 99 (on Thursday or Friday between 8am and 4pm).

Food bank Katwike is a private initiative that thrives on 80 volunteers as well as donations and gifts. The rent for our building and utility costs are covered by a subsidy of the City of Katwike.

Every week we collect more than sufficient food to create between 135 and 150 rich food packages. We feed approximately 400 to 500 people every week. Next to the free supply of food we do offer free of charge hairdresser services. Furthermore we do offer a free clothing package. For underage children there are several extras.

Our organization adheres to applicable regulations regarding food safety, privacy and Occupational Safety and Health.

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