This Food Bank Katwijk website was launched on the 30th of December 2015. The information published in Dutch on the rest of this website is still being scrutinized and updated. Several new webpages will be added in due course.

Residents of Katwijk with a monthly income of €215,- or less after deduction of fixed costs such as rent, gas, electricity and water could enlist for support by Food Bank Katwijk. For every additional family member €85 is to be added to the €215 threshold. All food banks within The Netherlands apply harmonised rules and controls. Food Bank Katwijk guarantees full anonymity and care in dealing with your application. Feel free to call 071 20 525 99 (Thursday and Friday 8am – 6pm) or send an email to

Foundation Voedselbank Katwijk is a private initiative that thrives on 80 volunteers as well as donations and gifts. The rent for the building and our energy costs are covered by a subsidy of the city of Katwijk. Every week we collect sufficient food to create 140 – 150 food packages feeding 400 – 500 people. Our organization adheres to applicable regulations regarding (food) hygiene, privacy (GDPR) and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).